A Cocoon of Ignorance

I am going to confess something despicable about myself.  I have grown up for all my 45 years thinking that people are basically good and noble and honorable.  Ann Frank had that delusion as well, but obviously, her life was vastly different from mine.  She epitomizes a courage I could never begin to assign to even 1/100th of my life.  But I digress. . . .. . .   .

I have learned through the process of the last year that politicians are even more vile, conniving and evil than I ever thought possible.  The candidacy of Barack Obama for presidency has enlightened me to several new facts:  (1) the American public will largely ignore the alliance of a man with a domestic terrorist, a racist pastor and a vote-stealing group of foot soldiers just to be able to say “I elected a black man for president.” (2) ACORN has been infiltrating our pocketbooks for way longer than I ever realized and they get our money to go out and do their evil deeds.  (3) A person in Congress looking out for our interests (John McCain and several other admirable Republicans from 2004) will be shouted down with great anger and disdain if he even dares to attempt criticism or reform of the Gravy Train the crooks are riding (see Fannie Mae).

If the unthinkable happens and Barack Obama gets elected, please hop out of your daily existence, and lift me all the way out of my cocoon of ignorance to be a watchdog on Congress so that we can bring our country back to us.  Our children’s future may depend on our efforts to police our overpaid legislators.


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