Why Doesn’t It Matter When You Are Trying to Infiltrate?

I see the talking heads bobbing and I hear the talking points flowing.  And I just say, “Why, oh why can’t they focus on what is important?”  It is really hard to nail down an exact vantage point in such a convoluted group of issues.  Why do we go to blog after blog and see post after post about all the issues people have with Barack Obama?  There is a virtual goldmine (or landmine) of information out there for the hungry reader.  In just a few short weeks after the reviling of Sarah Palin began, I have been doing research on Mr. Obama.  At first, I thought Sean Hannity was just picking on Mr. Obama because of his racially incendiary pastor.  He would continuously mention William Ayers and either Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich or other usually friendly guest would shush him and mightily try to diminish his ire.  But Sean is indefatigable (it DOES pay to enrich your word power).  Even so,  once I began reading stories and making the connections about these issues, I would find myself telling people to “Google” certain combinations to find out more.  You see, I do not relish the idea of making someone believe what I am telling them.  I want people to be challenged, as I have been, to research the issue on their own and draw their own conclusions.

This election is very heated, and will increase exponentially in temperature as each dwindling day passes.  Add to this combustible mix of Ayers and Wright, the ACORN group.  Also, I have stumbled upon another group called Public Allies which is a group I have asked several major media people to look into and report upon.  Let’s talk about ACORN for a minute, though, because they are key to the election at this very moment.  I am still hoping to have time to fully research Public Allies and make a credible connection to controversy, as it is the Obamas themselves who founded that group.  More will be given later on that.   You need only tune in to any of the major or cable news networks, and depending upon who is talking, you can hear statements like “ACORN is trained by Obama and they are committing voter registration fraud” or “What difference does a voter registration group make when Obama does not support them and they have no connection to him”?  One of my favorite incredible comments though, as repeated once again by Kirsten Powers on Fox Channel’s NewsWatch just a little while ago, is this “What difference does Bill Ayers make?”  I am so glad you asked me that, Kirsten.

William Ayers is an incredibly intelligent man, but like most sociopaths, he is also bent on destruction of the foundation of this country.  His actions as a domestic terrorist in the 1960s and 70s prove as much.  One wonders if he had an epiphany during his years in which he and his wife, Bernardine Dorhn, were on the lam, until being allowed to turn themselves in and getting off on a technicality.  The epiphany would look something like this, considering his current occupation–What would happen if instead of bombing buildings and killing people I infiltrated the fabric of formative minds?  That’s it!  I’ll become an educator!

Have people ever thought on a daily basis about the impact educators have on our children?  When you really stop and think about this, it is astoundingly important that the people responsible for educating your children are not indoctrinating them with beliefs that–at best–you don’t share and –at worst–will turn them into budding sociopaths like William Ayers.  Barack Obama has shown poor judgment in a variety of ways with his alliance with Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers served with Barack Obama on the Woods Foundation, who handed out money to many different recipients, one of which was ACORN.  ACORN is out there infiltrating and in some instances, committing voter fraud, and in other instances protesting in lobbies of banks to force subprime lending.

I feel a certain sense of pride when Obama complains that Fox News is killing his numbers and that without all their negative reporting, his  numbers would be 2 or 3 points higher.  As many before me have said, think how Sen. McCain’s numbers would look if there were no CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.


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