A conversation I had

I had a conversation yesterday with a northerner.  I am a southerner (but really a westerner–different story) for the last 35 years and I sometimes get ruffled by those “yankees.”  I say that with only a Yosemite Sam kind of humor attached.  So all you racebaiters out there, BACK OFF.  This northerner is also an athiest and a liberal.  And he illuminated me even further in a very vivid way about why feminists (THOSE NOW HAGS) hate Sarah Palin on a visceral level.  The issue is abortion.  Sarah is pro-life, as am I.  Now I find out, that to be pro-life means several things (none of which has occurred to me until this conversation): (1) I want women in prison if they get an abortion (2) I am looking to dissolve any freedoms these irresponsible women might have (3) states can totally outlaw abortion and will if Roe v. Wade is overturned.  So a vote for a pro-life candidate automatically overturns Roe v. Wade AND causes immediate enactment of federal and state laws criminalizing and putting women in prison.  Is that slope Slippery or is it just me?


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