What every Good, Hard-working American wants: HIS WEALTH SPREAD AROUND


I work for the Government.  And I work hard.  But I live the entrepreneurial spirit through my husband and several of my friends who are self-employed.  If you told Mr. Lawmom90 after he swings a hammer and hangs drywall and lays tile all week that 20% of what he just earned through sweat equity was going to be divvied out to the fella down the road who sat on his porch drinking tea all day, what do you suppose his reaction would be?  Let’s face it; we have been doing that in a removed, almost forgettable sort of way for many years.  But let us not kill what is left of capitalism by putting a pretty sounding label on it.  If you work for it, you should be able to keep and reinvest most of it.  Yeah, I’m a capitalist pig, so what!


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