Our Lives are Open Books-Please Read Responsibly

There is a lot of vitriol being tossed about in the instant media world these days.  I never really knew how vicious it could get though, until Sarah Palin hit the scene in late August for her debut as John McCain’s running mate.  Happy Anniversary Sarah!!  You are now a public spectacle to be reviled by the nameless masses (and some not so nameless).  I have read article after article of people spewing their hatred for her.  I don’t get it.

In my sometimes not so humble opinion, Sarah embodies the American Woman’s dream of feminism.  She is a lady who has run successfully for public office, she has battled corruption, she has human failings like the rest of us, she’s a Christian and unashamedly so, she is beautiful, she has a beautiful family, and she believes in life.  Even if someone doesn’t agree with her personal choices, why can’t they simply acknowledge that she is doing what feminists in early history of the movement sought to do?  What’s that, you ask?  Have the freedom to live the dream as you personally define it for yourself.  That’s FEMINISM.  It’s not about whether you can have an abortion, whether you want to stay single, whether you hate men, whether you can trample everyone else on your way up the ladder.  Sarah is a positive force for good.  Some of my liberal friends may read this and cringe.  So be it.  I have the freedom (thanks to all you soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who won it for me) to speak my mind.   By the grace of God, may I have that freedom even after 11-4-08.


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