The Slow Road to Racism

A few weeks ago, several columnists were talking about racism in the American public.  There were several studies which reported the feelings of Americans about African Americans.  That the white person’s perception in a certain percentage of people was that blacks are “lazy” among other stereotypes.  While this may be a true reflection of SOME people’s thought process about ALL blacks, is it not also fair to report what blacks think of whites?  Has anyone done that lately?  Or what liberals think of conservatives.  I am somewhat sick of carrying water (so to speak) for a group of people who are minority within my majority.  I don’t assume things about people based on the color of their skin and I am tired of being assumed that I do.  The Obama camp and all of its partners have been insidious about these innuendos.  Can we have it grind to a screeching halt?  Will the MSM ever wake up and do something about it?  Before we all get into a racially charged aftershock??


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