Why do the OP-ED people keep saying America is Racist if we don’t support OBAMA?

I am so disgusted by the Frank Riches and Maureen Dowds and John Lewises of this country!!  I read Drudge Report pretty much hourly (I hate to admit, I’ve become a junky).  Sometimes it’s boring, but a lot of the time, Matt Drudge tells me things that no one else will.  This morning, I learned that John McCain and Sarah Palin are stoking racial hatred!  HUH?  No, what I really learned was that Frank Rich is falsely portraying in his OP-ED piece what is REALLY happening at the rallies.  Protestors are infiltrating and throwing out hate words to make McCain and Palin look bad.  Please be smart, people.  READ these thing for yourself and decide on your own.  Don’t be SHEEPLE.


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